About Me

Simple Cash Daily founder, Bill Anderson has been self-employed since 1986. Before that, he received his BS Degree in Computer Science in Savannah, GA, and worked for the Fulton County data processing department for 2 years.

Bill Anderson started out selling mail list management software that he wrote called Flowmail 6000. This led to Bill implementing data processing for mail houses in Atlanta Ga.

One day, an expert welder in Chattanooga called Bill and asked he would help him sell his book, called "Welding Secrets." That’s when Bill got into direct the mail marketing industry. Bill Anderson found out that there were huge lists of welders that he could rent, send a flyer to, and then they would send him a check for the book. Sometimes 100’s per day! Boy! Was I hooked! Bill bought a 38’ yacht with that Welding Secrets money.

Simple Cash Daily owner Bill Anderson moved on to write his own books and selling them offline and online. One of his best sellers was Competition BBQ Secrets which he sold through Clickbank. Bill made a living for 10 years doing that while he lived on my 37’ Winnebago motor home.

Simple Cash Daily, Bill Anderson did BBQ competitions to promote the book and ended up winning 8 Grand Championships and best brisket cook in the World in 2013. But the competition got too fierce with 1000’s of people writing their own BBQ books and giving away free BBQ info on the net, so Bill had to move on to bigger and better things.

That’s when Bill started The Perfect System which is a membership site and affiliate program that allows you to make money selling memberships and earning an affiliate commission. The product is top-notch instruction on how to do your own direct mail marketing along with 100’s of real ways to make money in your own business. Bill also, threw in some great online marketing courses and self improvement info too.


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